Manny Maurice

Manny Maurice
I’m a woman with so many blessings (lucky duck) and my teaming with Nuzest Is one fo sure. This was an intentional choice on my part because my life is not without challenges I have been gifted (yes gifted not given) I have an auto-immune disease and it was diagnosed when I was 20 years old. I don’t talk about it a lot I can get very tired when it hits me and very low ... and it attacks my central nervous system so it lowers my immunity and leaves me susceptible to catching other things!

Yes, above I said gifted, having this condition seemed so unfair when I was younger, I actually felt sorry for myself, because I had no control over it. Or so I thought? When I accepted a more conscious way of living and realized eating certain healthy foods is not enough the product has to be clean, it gave me power to suppress it. One of the main things of an auto-immune disease is clean food and the right nutrients into the body. So the immunity can stay elevated. I was taking Nuzest before I became an Ambassador! And it made a huge difference in my overall health, hormones and my condition yaaaaaa to that!

Things I love about it...the list is flipping long as heck! For one thing it’s vegan Pea Protein ( easier to digest ), low carbs, allergen free, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, lectin free, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial color, no animal products, no artificial flavours! And it’s soooooo yum, yes #truestory the taste and flavours are wonderful. 

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